Mixed Media

Bear and Figure Painting Inspired by Cave Art 2011



Mixed Media and Acrylic


Bear and stick figures in the style of cave art. The work has an impasto texture to the top of it. The work is signed and dated by the artist on the front of the work and the back.

Artist Biography

Becky Soria, naturalized American, born in Bolivia, began her artistic career in the 1980’s. She studied painting in the Studios of South American Artists, and with the artist Fernando Casas. She also The Glassell School of Art in Houston, Texas. Her works have been seen and collected by corporations and private collections in the US, Europe, Canada and South America. Soria has used physicality, especially the physicality of human bodies and animals, as a primary source of inspiration in her work. She is concerned with intense emotions, bodily states, - love, pain, and discomfiture. She is also interested in current world affairs, nature and issues of humanity. Her Paleolithic and Neolithic iconography in her paintings was inspired by a childhood surrounded by South American art and pre-Columbian artifacts collected by her father. Her father, Julio Rodriquez was a prominent physician and poet in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Soria believes there is another important factor informing her Art, her background in the nursing and medical sciences which give her work a distinctively organic or biological flavor. She seeks to depict her ideas, not as objective representations, but rather as tunnels into realities as she experiences them.

Dimensions With Frame

H 13 in x W 15 in.

Dimensions Without Frame

H 18.5 in. x W 21.24 in. x D 1.5 in.
Bear and Figure Painting Inspired by Cave Art 2011
Bear and Figure Painting Inspired by Cave Art 2011