Pierre Letellier

Figurative Nude Study of a Woman from Behind



Graphite on Paper


Nude graphite drawing of a woman leaning over. The work comes on a matte. It is signed on the work and on the matte.

Artist Biography

He was born in Caen, France near the scenic coast of Normandy in 1928. Letellier's coastal environment later became the primary subject of his paintings. Letellier received a formal education at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. As a student in the 1940s, Letellier had an academic education and studied from classical sculptures and plaster molds. Letellier's made a number of figurative paintings and lithographs. Letellier often depicted women and performers dressing. Letellier preferred painting from nature and spent much of his time doing sketches and painting studies outside. As Letellier matured as an artist he focused on painting landscapes and seascapes. Letellier enjoyed the challenge of painting barges and sea vessels. Letellier used bold strokes and colors to define the complex structure of ship masts. Letellier was successful during his lifetime, showing frequently in France and internationally. He had solo shows in the major cities including Paris, New York, Brussels, and Caracas. He also had traveling exhibitions but was primarily successful in his native country of France. Letellier showed in important salons in Paris, including the Salon des Independants and the Salon d'Automne. Letellier has become a solid name in French Modern Art. Letellier's paintings are in the permanent collection of the esteemed Musee d'Art Moderne in Paris. In addition to major museum collections, Letellier's paintings are in numerous private collections around the world.


H 19.75 in. x W 25.63 in. x D .001 in.

Dimensions without Matte

H 11.5 in x W 14.5 in.
Figurative Nude Study of a Woman from Behind
Figurative Nude Study of a Woman from Behind