Japanese Lantern Style Clock with Glass Door and Hand-Painted Porcelain Face, 19th Century



Hardwood Inlaid


Mother of Pearl Inlay Japanese Style clock. The clock has a Porcelain face that is hand painted with flowers. Flowers and birds are inlaid in pearl on the wood. There are glass panes and a glass door that opens up to reveal the face. The top of the clock comes off to reveal the inside hardware. Dimensions without hanging chain

Possibly Clock History

After the Isolation period of Japan in the 1850's Japanese exports were desired in the west. So a lot of objects that were traditional to the Western culture were manufactured with a Japanese style to appeal to the western buyers. Traditionally Japan told the time in two sets of six hours and their clocks were regulated by two foliots. It was only after 1873 that Japan started using the 12 hour time system.


H 15.5 in. x W 8.5 in. x D 5.7 in.
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