David Wayne Bolduc

"C.T.A."- Large Blue Abstract Painting 1980



Acrylic Paint


Beautiful blue abstract painting with bold, quick strokes and a cluster of multi-colored lines in the center. Framed in a thin black frame.

Artist Biography

A prominent Canadian painter, printmaker, draftsman, illustrator, sculptor and educator, David Bolduc (AKA: David Wayne Bolduc) was born in Toronto, Ontario, lived there for much of his life and died there. Since the mid 1960s, his art has been included in dozens of exhibitions at important venues, and examples of his work have been collected by almost every major Canadian art museum.


H 71.5 in. x W 67.5 in. x D 1.75 in.
"C.T.A."- Large Blue Abstract Painting 1980
"C.T.A."- Large Blue Abstract Painting 1980