Luigi Pretin- Fungo Atomico - Surrealist Landscape



Surrealist painting titled "Fungo Atomico" by Italian surrealist painter Luigi Pretin, circa 1976. Dimensions listed with frame. Dimensions of painting itself without frame: 23" x 19" Artist Biography: LUIGI PRETIN was born in Chioggia, Italy on June 8, 1938. A very young part for Morocco, then he went to Portugal, then to Spain and finally he arrived in France. This nation had a great influence on him. In Paris, they soon ranked him among the "research painters". Every day there was the possibility of meetings and clashes with artists who did not always satisfy him. The streets of art are inherently tortuous and for Pretin they were more due to its not easy compromisable character. In the Parisian environment he is therefore acquainted with many artists, including the masters De Chirico and Salvador Dali. And it is precisely Dalì who has great persuasive power over him; so much so that for a certain period embraces the "Surrealism" that then abandons to elaborate an original painting in which the dream and the reality is merged by merging the oneiric element and the matter. In December 2007, in Paris, Luigi Pretin ranks 3rd in the "First International Eiffel Trophy". After the Parisian experience, he returned to Italy to settle first in Turin, then in Albissola where he opened a new studio, continuing to maintain contacts with Italian and foreign galleries.


H 33.5 in. x W 29 in. x D 2 in.