Luis Eades

Luis Eades - Fisherman's Wife 1957





Abstract titled "Fisherman's Wife" by Luis Eades. Casein. Dimensions with frame: 20" x 23" x .75" Artist Bio: Luis Eades was a professor of painting at the University of Colorado at Boulder for thirty-eight years. In his work, he is giving expression to how he perceives the world around him. "I make allusions in my work to the art of the past, as well as to cultures other than my own; I do so out of respect; and because they have produced images and ideas that endure, and that enrich the way we perceive the world we live in," Eades states. Eades works both in oil on canvas and in digital format. He lives and works in Boulder, Colorado.


H 10 in. x W 13.5 in. x D .5 in.