Max Pruneda

Max Pruneda- Abstract Painting of a Cloaked FIgure 1990's



Acrylic Paint


Large abstract painting of a cloaked figure with an anatomical heart on his chest done in green, orange, red and blue tones by artist Max Pruneda in the 1990's. Hung in a natural light wood frame with a white mat.

Artist Biography

"I’m an artist: sculptor, painter and jeweler. My studio is in Albuquerque, about sixty miles south of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Inspiration comes from infinite sources, the southwest, my Hispanic heritage, mythology, nature, artifact and sorted and culled materials at hand. The idea of recycling is a constant and I relish my weekly forays in the hunt for new and old components and findings with which to compose my jewelry. I often take apart necklaces and other things found and recombine with new, old and vintage beads, therefore extending their vitality and lifecycle. I can’t say I have a single mindedness when it comes to stringing or putting things together as so much that motivates me is as varied as the materials and modes of expression that catch my eye. I go for balance but not always symmetry, color but with sparks of contrast, and richness with appreciable moderation. I hope you take pleasure in my current offerings."

Dimensions With Frame

H 54 in. x W 41 in. x D 1.75 in.

Dimensions Without Frame

H 44 in. x W 30 in.