Pedro Friedeberg

Pedro Friedeberg- "Four Acrobats in Six Positions" Geometric Surrealist Print Edition 1 of 50 1972





Geometric patterns with diamonds and other shapes. Painting consist of red figures that appear to be standing on chairs or hanging off of them. Print is the 1st edition of 50 prints. Artist signed the print in to bottom right corner. Print is framed in a gold frame with a cream matte.

Artist Biography

Pedro Friedenberg is a Mexican artist known for his surrealist works that consist of ancient and religious symbols. He was born in Florence, Italy and escaped Europe at the beginning of the Second World War. He designed sculptural furniture in the shape of hands and feet. Friederberg studied as an architect but instead began to draw and designs surrealist inspired works. His work caught the attention of artist Mathias Goeritz who encouraged him to continue as an artist. Friedeberg became part of a group of surrealist artists in Mexico which included Leonora Carrington and Alice Rahon, who were irreverent, rejecting the social and political art which was dominant at the time. Friedeberg has had a lifelong reputation for being eccentric, and states that art is dead because nothing new is being produced. He is still alive and well still making art.


H 25.5 in. x W 25.5 in. x D .5 in.