Tim Yanke

Tim Yanke "Sunshine Spirit" Holographic Art of a Dragon Fly 2012



Mixed Media


This piece is an Agamograph of a dragonfly with a orange background. When the viewer moves around the work the wings moved back and forth. The work is framed in a silver frame with a white matte. The work is stamped by the artist on the bottom of the work.

Artist Biography

Tim Yanke is an American artist who uses the colors and culture of the Southwestern United States to create bold, rhythmic, and compelling art. Yanke is best known for abstract artwork, the depiction of dragonfly imagery, and his representations of the U.S. flag, known as “Yanke Doodles.” His artwork is collected around the world, with fans often lauding his artwork for the nostalgia it inspires.

Dimensions without Frame

H 11in x W 9in.