Utagawa Kunisada II, Toyokuni IV

Utagawa Kunisada II (Toyokuni IV)- Tamakazura, from the series Lady Murasaki's Genji Cards Japanese Woodblock Print 1857



Woodblock Print


Japanese woodblock print from the series "The 54 Chapters of the Tale of Genji". "The Tale of Genji" is a classical work of Japanese literature Tamakazura being the daughter of To no Chujo who weds his daughter to Genji. The woodblock print was printed on rice paper. It is not framed.

Artist Biography

Kunisada II (二代国貞, 1823 - 1880) was the leading student of Kunisada (Toyokuni III). His early work is signed Baido Kunimasa III. In 1846, he married his master’s eldest daughter and began signing his prints Kunisada II. He again changed his name to Toyokuni IV after his master’s death in 1864. Frequently using bright or even lurid aniline colors, Kunisada II’s prints represent the exaggerated style of late ukiyo-e.Kunisada II is best known for his prints of beautiful women and historical subjects. His most famous and collected series is The Tale of Genji.


H 13 in. x W 9.5 in. x D .004 in.