Hugo Laborice

"Villa Scorpis" Surrealist Figurative with Birds, 1987



Color Pencil


Surrealist color pencil work of a tree in the shape of a woman's lower body. The birds' nest is meant to be the woman's pubic triangle. The work is signed by the artist and dated. It is framed in a black frame with a black matte.

Artist Biography

Hugo Laborice y Monroy is a Mexican painter born in Puebla on 01 Mar 1955. Hugo Laborice's paintings are mainly symbolistic, with sometimes surrealistic traits. His themes are wide and his paintings tend to reflect his state of mind, ideas, questions, opinions on a number of things and situations in life. Fundamental questions about the Human condition like Life, Death, Music, Religion are recurrent themes in his works. Laborice uses colour pencils, oils, wash, watercolours, pastels and inks as materials. Hugo Laborice's style has been influenced by Luis Buñuel and Jean Cocteau. Laborice's 'symbolistic realism' often uses plant, animal, daily life objects (many native to his colourful Mexico) to visually convey personal messages in his paintings.


H 22 in. x W 27 in. x D 1 in.

Dimensions without Frame

H 22 in x W 16 in.
"Villa Scorpis" Surrealist Figurative with Birds, 1987
"Villa Scorpis" Surrealist Figurative with Birds, 1987